STEM Learning Tool


DCL, Inc.’s newest project is being designed to improve academic preparation of young African American students with the goal towards increasing their motivation and interest in entering and succeeding in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) school subjects and ultimately careers. Improving educational attainment has long been known to reduce poverty and to improve the health of individuals and their families, their neighborhoods and of entire communities.

In today’s world careers in STEM are thriving and make up a significant part of the workforce. Multiple studies have found African American students’ interest in STEM subjects is particularly low, especially during the early stages of the learning process (i.e. 3rd grade level). Contributing to this challenge is the underrepresentation of people of color’s contributions to the STEM fields. It has been demonstrated that students are more likely to take an interest in areas where they see role models to emulate.

DCL, Inc.’s digital STEM Program will address the missing link through the development of a new digital learning tool designed to spark interest and excitement about STEM courses. The subject matter is aimed at third through fourth grade level students and the software will include animations of accomplished African American STEM professionals who will tell their life stories and teach various aspects of the curriculum. Through this program, academic preparation for young African American students will improve and they will increase in their motivation to succeed in STEM classes and ultimately careers.

Financial support is being sought to ensure the success of this project thereby increasing educational attainment initially in Durham, NC and then broadly throughout the country.